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October 16, 2008

I Wish Obama's Positions Were More Like Nader's Politics

I really hope Barack Obama wins. A McCain/Palin victory would be a nightmare. Literally.

That said, I wish Obama's positions were more like Ralph Nader's.

Nader's campaign website today points out a few important things about last night's debate. When McCain challenged Obama to name some occasions when he had stood up to the leaders of his own party, Obama said he voted for tort reform and clean coal technology. As Nader's people put it, by voting for tort reform Obama "stood with the National Association of Manufacturers against injured people." And by voting for clean coal technology, he "stood with the polluting coal industry against people who suffer the consequences." In both cases, he voted like a Republican, putting the interests of corporations over the interests of people.

They continue:

When McCain accused Obama of supporting a single payer, Canadian style national health insurance system, Obama said he didn’t.

And he doesn’t.

Despite the fact that a majority of doctors, nurses and the American people want it.

On national health insurance, Obama stands with the insurance industry and against the American people who are demanding single payer.

Over 5,000 U.S. physicians have signed an open letter calling on the candidates for president and Congress "to stand up for the health of the American people and implement a nonprofit, single-payer national health insurance system." (Here's the ad that ran in the New Yorker magazine.)

Obama says no.

I can't say I wish Ralph Nader would become president instead of Barack Obama. And I don't expect Obama — or anyone else — to be perfect. But I do wish Obama's positions were more like Nader's. That would be something.

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