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October 09, 2008

"An Unfolding Debacle" Economy

I've just started following John Jansen's blog Across the Curve. He traded bonds for 30 years and seems to know his stuff. Most of it's way over my head, but even I can understand this, written after the market's close today:

I have said this before and risk redundancy but more and more it seems likely that the resolution of this crisis will be an historic financial calamity. Each and every step which central banks and regulators have taken to resolve the crisis has been met with failure. In the beginning, the steps would produce some brief stability. In the last several days, the US Congress (belatedly) passed a bailout bill, the Federal Reserve has guaranteed commercial paper and in unprecedented coordination central banks around the globe slash base lending rates. Listen to the markets respond.

The market scoffs as Libor rises, stocks plummet and IBM is forced to pay usurious rates to borrow. There is no stability and no hiatus from the pain. It continues unabated in spite of the best efforts of dedicated people to solve it.

We are in the midst of an unfolding debacle. It is happening about us. I am not sure how or when it ends, but the end, when it arrives, will radically alter the way we live for a long time.

Whoever wins the US election and takes office in January will need prayers and divine intervention.

And I thought I was bearish.

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Jon, I agree John Jansen is excellent. BTW, you'ree doing a great job covering Wall Street from State Street.

Posted by: Alan von Altendorf at October 10, 2008 06:28 AM