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December 21, 2007

Plug-In Hybrids Energy  Peak Oil  Science/Technology

Go here and click for a great little video on plug-in hybrids. The technology works. So Cal Edison has been running an all-electric fleet of big repair trucks and over 200 cars for 10 years or more. Batteries are rapidly getting smaller and more powerful. What's needed now are economies of scale.

What are we waiting for?

[Thanks, Miles]

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Okay, here's my story.

We bought a Prius in March of 2007. God, how we love this car. But that's not the point.

Our esteemed (sarcasm here) Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell passed into law that us Green Tree Huggin' Gas Savin' Recyclers would get a $500 rebate on Hybrid cars.

Except this info was not in the newspapers. Nor did the Toyota sales/finance people make us aware of the rebate. We were under the impression (from vague rumors in the neighborhood and local blogs) that our state income tax form would have a tax credit form to complete to get a reduced tax payment. So we were waiting for the 2007 tax forms to be in our mail box in January 2008.

Not so.

It turned out that we had to download off the Net a PDF form to complete and return with copies of three forms -- bill of sale, registration, and financial terms (copies of a check or loan statement).

Here's the catch:


I hate using CAPS, but I am so steamed.

I did all the requirements. I downloaded the PDF file, read it, jumped through all the hoops, made the copies and was returned one week later a refusal to issue a rebate.

It turns out that we hadn't filed within the requisite 6 months after purchase. Six months.

This requirement is NOT stated on the form, nor on the state government web site. I am stewing.

These people are NOT sincere about global warming. They just don't care/believe/or whatever. It's like our government is being run by the Mafia. It's all a shell game.

Lying, greedy bastards. I am really fed up. With Them.

Sorry, Jonathon, I didn't mean to vent on your site, but this disease of greed that is infecting our world seems to have no antibiotic to stop it.

We have to find the cure. And I mean that on many levels.

Posted by: Lane_in_PA at December 21, 2007 05:50 PM