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October 02, 2007

Today's Bush Joke Humor & Fun

On this program in the past, we have occasionally ribbed our current president. But it's in no way indicative of any real feelings about the president's abilities or policies. It's nothing personal — until now. Yesterday, surrounded by school children, speaking in defense of his education policy, the president said this [on screen: Bush saying, "Childrens do learn."] Childrens do learn. Oh does they. "Childrens do learn" while talking about education. Let me tell you something, sir, myself and this show, we don't need your charity. I have a full staff of very talented writers and producers working for me and we can't even make that funnier by taking that out of context. There is going to come a day when everyone here is going to need keen observation and wit to ridicule you. But when that day comes, all we're going to have are tired puns and goofy looks, because, as you would say, we're suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectorations. So please sir, change — for the childrens. — Jon Stewart

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