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August 01, 2007

Visual Aids Corporations, Globalization  Economy

Evolution has made us especially good at processing visual input. Here are some pictures worth a thousand words:

Animation: Obesity in the US

According to Wikipedia, high-fructose corn syryp (HFCS) "was rapidly introduced in many processed foods and soft drinks in the US over the period of about 1975–1985." Corn subsidies made corn artificially cheap, and since 1982 sugar tariffs have made cane sugar prohibitively expensive. Coke and Pepsi switched to HFCS in 1984, and now it's found in just about every processed food. Agribusiness giants made a pile of money, and a lot of the rest of us got fat — and increasingly unhealthy. Picture a time-lapse picture of the average American over that period, swelling up like a balloon.

Animation: CEO Pay

Speaking of balloons, slide your cursor along the timescale to see how compensation for American CEOs has changed since 1970. Enough said.

Graphs: US Foreclosures

No wonder the financial markets are rattled.

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