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July 05, 2007

Making Do In Uganda Development

A remarkable and hopeful feature of technology adoption in the Third World is the ability of Third World countries to "leapfrog." For example, where First World countries had to go through a lengthy (and enormously expensive) period of building out telephone land lines, Third World countries can go directly to cell phones.

In many poor countries, however, considerable ingenuity is required. What do you do, for example, when there is no electrical service? Future Perfect (via OilDrum) has some unforgettable photos from Uganda.

You've got a cell phone, how do you keep it charged?

Street vendor providing cell phone charging services in Kampala: PowerPoint PDF

How do you get electricity to use at home?

Rural battery charging service PowerPoint PDF

What if people are too poor to afford their own phones?

Village phone, Uganda: PowerPoint PDF

Follow the links and see all the photos. The gap between rich countries and poor ones is simply staggering.

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It's not just cell phones. Check out afrigadget.com for a wide variety of ingenuity.

Posted by: Michael at July 5, 2007 02:45 PM