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April 12, 2007

Up In Heaven Now Culture

Kurt Vonnegut, novelist, humorist, free-thinker, died yesterday. He left these instructions (via Pharyngula):

I am, incidentally, Honorary President of the American Humanist Association, having succeeded the late, great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in that totally functionless capacity. We had a memorial service for Isaac a few years back, and I spoke and said at one point, "Isaac is up in heaven now." It was the funniest thing I could have said to an audience of humanists. I rolled them in the aisles. It was several minutes before order could be restored. And if I should ever die, God forbid, I hope you will say, "Kurt is up in heaven now." That's my favorite joke.

I love that "God forbid."

So, as requested: Kurt is up in heaven now.

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