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April 06, 2007

Comments Fixed

If you tried to post a comment recently, you probably got a message saying it was blocked for questionable content. My bad.

All blogs get heaps of "comment spam". Spammers have programs that automatically post comments on any blog they can find. Their purpose is to get their web sites' addresses noticed by search engines so as to improve their search rank. I have software that filters out most of that spam; otherwise there would be hundreds of comments per day referencing all the lovely kinds of sites that are so familiar from email spam.

Unfortunately, at some point recently I accidentally provided the filter with a template string that matched any and all comments, so nobody's comment could get through, not even mine.

It should be fixed now.

In future, if you find your comments are inexplicably being refused, please don't assume I have it in for you. It's probably just another screw-up. Send me email, and I'll fix it. Thanks!

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