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December 21, 2006

Record Number Of Bodies Recovered In Baghdad Iraq

Iraq continues its slide into the abyss. LAT:

The bodies of 76 unidentified people were recovered Wednesday in Baghdad, police said, the highest 24-hour toll for the anonymous slayings that have become a grim part of life in the capital.

All of the victims were men between the ages of 20 and 50. Although they died violently, all shot with automatic weapons, the men were not slain execution-style — no handcuffs or blindfolds, morgue staff members said. Only a few showed signs of torture. [Emphasis added]

It is impossible for most of us to imagine what it is like to live under such hellish conditions, but, as always, it is incumbent on us to try. These events are happening in a real place, to real people, and it's only going to get worse.

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I want to talk about Iraq from a different perspective. Let me preface by saying I whole heartedly support the troops and just about everyone in the military, this is not a criticism of them. It also is not a criticism on anyone who reports on the horrors of the Iraq invasion.

9/11. Anyone with a computer who explores the Internet has stumbled on the conspiracy theories. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports U.S. involvement, either cooperatively or solely. But I'm not a scientist, physicist, reporter or researcher so I am unable to confirm the conspiracy theory evidence, with one slight exception.

The collapse of the twin towers. They fell at near free fall speed. I ignore flight 93, the strike on the Pentagon and the collapse of building 7. I also ignore what started each collapse. I focus on just the collapses themselves because of the overwhelming amount of video footage, both professional and armature. All the video footage of both collapses is identical with one respect: the time it took for the buildings to fall.

No other conspiracy in history comes close to having the amount of replicated evidence as the collapse of the twin towers. I cannot find any explanation – that uses physics - to show the buildings could have fallen this fast. So I'm asking if anyone knows of this kind of evidence, specifically related to the twin towers, to please tell me where I can find it.

Here's why I ask. *IF* 9/11 was an inside job, if frames everything our government has done since in a VERY different light. A profound and dark light that changes the perspective of everything that’s happened in the last 3½+ years.

I submitted this comment because for some time now every thing I hear about the Iraq war I place into two frames, the commonly held belief that 9/11 was a terrorist attack, and the other, a conspiracy frame. The conspiracy frame seems more likely, and would make all the news about the Iraq war, the meddling of our Constitution, the loss of liberties, and the no bid contracts for American companies, a fake.

If this is all a fake, why is there little action being taken? Are people afraid? Is the true enemy so powerful it's believed they cannot be dealt with? Are we so selfish that we care more about ourselves then a potentially dark reality that’s different then the cozier reality we're living? The war is real, the people in the war are real and the place is real. But is the context of all this real?

Which reality should I live in?

Posted by: Jeff at December 22, 2006 01:21 AM

If this is all a fake, why is there little action being taken? Are people afraid? Is the true enemy so powerful it's believed they cannot be dealt with?

You already HAVE the answer. The framing of "all the conspiracy theories":
1) If anyone talks you can 'discredit' them with a title 'conspiracy theorist'
2) If anyone tries to provide aid, again, called a 'conspiracy theorist'

Are we so selfish that we care more about ourselves

Not all of us, as some people are talking. Without a willingness to 'punish the eeeeeevil-doooooers', many feel no need to step forward as they will lack protection.

Instead of 'terrorists' or 'conspiracy theory' why not pick a different framing like 'government can not do anything right' - look at the poor job of the investigation into the attack and collapse and the handling of the crime scene as examples.

Posted by: at December 22, 2006 09:09 AM

I have to call things what they are. If people inside the U.S. conspired to do harm to its citizens, then there's a conspiracy. If a conspiracy took place, then framing the participants incompetent would not be reality. From their perspective they've accomplished a lot and probably have many more successes then failures with regards to their agenda.

Punishing those responsible is only one course of action. Another would be stripping them of all their power. The best solution would be to modify their behavior so it’s in sync with the majorities’ line of thinking. All three of these are monumental tasks and none of them can be accomplished by dealing solely with the symptoms.

There's only one way to deal with cancer, and it's not by treating the symptoms. Can the cancer in our country be cured without harm coming to those who heal us?

Posted by: Jeff at December 22, 2006 10:53 AM