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December 04, 2006

Leahy: Bush Should Be "Terrified" Politics

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy at a Democratic Party function Saturday night (via BuzzFlash):

[Leahy] related a conversation where he was recently asked if President Bush should be "worried" that [Leahy] was now to be Chair of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. The crowd started cheering.

"No, no" he said, calming the crowd, as if to be prepared for a softening of his rhetoric.

"No, he shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified."

And the room exploded.

Leahy went on to assure the crowd that, unlike "some in the administration," he'd "actually read the Constitution," and went on to promise that no judges nominated to the federal bench who would ignore that Constitution would ever get past his committee. [Emphasis added]

Let's hope he means it.

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