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December 28, 2006

Global Warming Claims First Inhabited Island Environment

Rising sea levels have claimed their first inhabited island. Independent:

Rising seas, caused by global warming, have for the first time washed an inhabited island off the face of the Earth. The obliteration of Lohachara island, in India's part of the Sundarbans where the Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers empty into the Bay of Bengal, marks the moment when one of the most apocalyptic predictions of environmentalists and climate scientists has started coming true.

As the seas continue to swell, they will swallow whole island nations, from the Maldives to the Marshall Islands, inundate vast areas of countries from Bangladesh to Egypt, and submerge parts of scores of coastal cities. [...]

The disappearance of Lohachara, once home to 10,000 people, is unprecedented. [...]

So remote is the island that the researchers first learned of its submergence, and that of an uninhabited neighbouring island, Suparibhanga, when they saw they had vanished from satellite pictures. [...]

Refugees from the vanished Lohachara island and the disappearing Ghoramara island have fled to Sagar, but this island has already lost 7,500 acres of land to the sea. In all, a dozen islands, home to 70,000 people, are in danger of being submerged by the rising seas. [Emphasis added]

These are poor people being made homeless, so we continue with business as usual. But at some point, we are going to look back with stupefaction and horror on this period of our inaction in the face of ever more urgent warning signs.

[Thanks, Jeff]

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You are always about 48 hours too late with stories like this.

Posted by: D at December 28, 2006 06:34 PM