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November 09, 2006

White Folks Politics

This is depressing. Billmon:

I know I'm looking for dark linings to silver clouds here, but I still find this exit poll data depressing:

Republican share of two-party vote

Whites: 51%
White men: 53%
White women: 50%

Granted, if you back out the lop-sided results in Dixie (and oh how I wish we could) the totals aren't as bad. But still, in the midwest heartland, the best the Dems could manage was 47% of the white vote. In the west it was 49% — a meager one percentage point plurality.

Only in the Northeast (the part of the country that Barry Goldwater once hoped would fall into the sea) did the Dems manage a solid 58% of the white vote. If there's are reasons to put up with the overcrowding, pollution, crumbling infrastructure and suburban sprawl of the Boston-to-Washington corridor, that's one of them. It's still the most civilized part of the country.

But it does make you wonder: Is there anything the Republicans could do, any line of incompetence or plutocratic indulgence they could cross, that would cost them their national majority among the honkies? I'm seriously beginning to doubt it. [Emphasis added]

Actually, it's worse than depressing. It's scary.

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