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November 12, 2006

Russ Won't Run Politics

Russ Feingold's not going to run for President after all. Madison's Capital Times:

Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold has decided against seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2008.

He states in a letter to friends and supporters of his Progressive Patriots Fund, formed in early 2005 as he explored the possibility of a run for the party nomination, that he has decided to continue his work as senator and not make the run for president.

According to the letter, he is excited by the results of Tuesday's elections in which Democrats won control of the House and Senate, giving them the chance to "undo much of the damage that one-party rule has done to America" and "actually advance progressive solutions to such major issues as guaranteed health care, dependence on oil and our unbalanced trade policies."

Feingold, 53, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as reported on its Web page, that he realized he would be a long-shot candidate in a run for the presidency.

He said running as an underdog appealed to him, but not the way it would "dismantle" his work in the Senate and his personal life.

As an outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and other Bush administration policies, Feingold had formed the political action committee and gone to key presidential primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

Still, he said he started the process more predisposed against a run than for it.

"I began with the feeling I didn't really want to do this but was open to the possibility that getting around the country would make me want to do it. That never happened," he said.

He said he had come closer to making his decision in the past few weeks, and the final factor came when Democrats won both houses of Congress because it provided added appeal to focus on work in the Senate. [Emphasis added]

It would have been a near impossible task for Feingold to win, but it would have been good to have him participating in the debate, keeping the other candidates honest. Hopefully, he can take a leading role in the new Senate alignment. He is truly one of the good guys.

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