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July 20, 2006

Toyota To Develop A Plug-In Hybrid Environment

Now that I've got my Prius (which I adore), Toyota has announced plans to develop a plug-in hybrid. They're looking at bringing flex fuel cars to the US as well. Grist:

Toyota plans to develop a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the company announced this week. Rechargeable via any typical electrical outlet, a plug-in would be able to "travel greater distances without using its gas engine, ... conserve more oil, and slice smog and greenhouse gases to nearly imperceptible levels," said Jim Press, president of Toyota's North American subsidiary. The technology is far from ready, and the automaker has no timeline for offering the cars for sale, but hey — we'll give it points for pressing forward with the R&D while other companies dawdle. Toyota is also taking a serious look at bringing flex-fuel cars capable of running on an E85 ethanol blend to the U.S. market, putting pressure on America's beleaguered Big Three automakers, who recently announced that they will double production of flex-fuel vehicles. Toyota already produces E85-capable vehicles in Brazil. Toyota, which dominates the regular hybrid market, also plans to introduce hybrid versions of all its current vehicle models. [Emphasis added]

The "slice smog and greenhouse gases to nearly imperceptible levels" is a bit of a cheat since the electricity used to charge the car will come largely from fossil fuels, but let's not quibble.

Meanwhile, you wouldn't believe how many Priuses are on the road here in Madison these days. They're everywhere. My daughter Molly and I recently drove out to Philadelphia and back, and we didn't see anywere near as many Priuses anywhere else, sorry to say.

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