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July 22, 2006

Today's Bush Joke Humor & Fun

[A]fter six years of silence, [President Bush] finally stood up and testified at the NAACP Convention in Washington. Now a lot of people assumed the president would get a chilly reception. Wrong. The NAACP embraced him. The man got huge applause. Take a look [on screen: Bush receiving applause after saying, "I understand many African Americans distrust my political party"]. Showered with love. — Stephen Colbert

For the first time in his presidency, President Bush addressed the NAACP convention. For five years he was asked to appear at the NAACP, but didn't make it. Well, that's nothing. He was asked to appear at the National Guard for six years and never made any of those either. — Jay Leno

Actually, it almost didn't happen. When President Bush overheard a couple of staff members saying he was going to give a speech at the NAACP, Bush got mad. He said, "You can't fool me, I know what that spells." — Jay Leno

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