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July 31, 2006

Rumsfeld "In A Parallel Universe And Slightly Deranged" Iraq  Palestine/Middle East  Politics

Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria on ABC Sunday (via ThinkProgress):

If I were a Democrat, I would make up a campaign commercial almost entirely of Donald Rumsfeld’s press conferences, because the man is looking — I mean, it's not just that he seems like a bad Secretary of [Defense]. He seems literally in a parallel universe and slightly deranged as a result. If you listen to what he said last week about Iraq, he's living in a different world, not a different country. [Emphasis added]

Rumsfeld and Cheney both. They're delusional men with enormous egos and enormous power. Not a happy combination. Incapable of admitting error or defeat, they will continue to escalate. Bush won't stop them and they won't stop themselves. They'll go to their graves convinced that they were right. The only question is whether they will take the rest of us with them.

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Question: Are you currently serving in US military operations anywhere in the world? I'll answer for you.....no. So how do you figure Cheney will send you to your grave? I could understand the comment if you were standing at a checkpoint on some corner in Baghdad, but being that you're a civilian bystander afforded safety by the men and women that may get sent to their graves by the administration's decisions, I would avoid using such phrases lightly. Other than that, interesting blog.

Posted by: AER at August 6, 2006 06:47 PM