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July 28, 2006

Republican McCloskey Says Vote Democratic Politics

Former Republican Congressman and Presidential wannabe Pete McCloskey has written a long letter explaining why Republicans should vote for Democrats this fall. A short excerpt (read the rest at Seeing the Forest):

I am a Republican, intend to remain a Republican, and am descended from three generations of California Republicans. [...]

It has been difficult, nevertheless, to conclude as I have, that the Republican House leadership has been so unalterably corrupted by power and money that reasonable Republicans should support Democrats against DeLay-type Republican incumbents in 2006. [...]

These Republican incumbents have brought shame on the House, and have created a wide-spread view in the public at large that Republicans are more interested in obtaining campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists than they are in legislating in the public interest. [...]

I have therefore reluctantly concluded that party loyalty should be set aside, and that it is in the best interests of the nation, and indeed the future of the Republican Party itself, to return control of the House to temporary Democrat control, if only to return the House for a time to the kind of ethics standards practiced by Republicans in former years. [Emphasis added]

Guess who won't be doing any McCloskey fundraisers.

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