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July 31, 2006

Chicago Trib: Twilight Of The Oil Age Peak Oil

Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Salopek has put together a monumental special report and documentary video on the "twilight of the oil age."

I watched some of the documentary over the weekend and liked it. Salopek has done his homework. Check it out.

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I liked Paul's closing statement.

"So there are futurists, there are some sociologists, there are some thinkers who think we're going to eventually end up back at a system where our level of car use, motoring, is no longer sustainable. So we're going to have to basically downsize ourselves, economically and even socially in terms of the size of our communities. We're in a pickle when it comes to sustaining our profligate energy lifestyle. We need to rethink our lives."

Rethinking our lives. Our lives are made easy because of oil (and coal). If humans have to downgrade to a life that's not as easy as it is today, will we have it in us to do so?

Technology may provide a way for us to maintain our current lifestyle, but only if it's sustainable. Will we be able to develop infinitely sustainable technology? If not, go back to question one.

Posted by: Jeff at August 2, 2006 02:01 AM