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April 19, 2006

Snake With Legs Science/Technology

More bad news for foes of evolution. The "missing links" just keep coming. Pharyngula:

It's a busy time for transitional fossil news — first they find a fishapod, and now we've got a Cretaceous snake with legs and a pelvis. [This fishapod is] in the process of gaining legs, the [snake] is in the early stages of losing them.

Najash rionegrina was discovered in a terrestrial fossil deposit in Argentina, which is important in the ongoing debate about whether snakes evolved from marine or terrestrial ancestors. The specimen isn't entirely complete (but enough material is present to unambiguously identify it as a snake), consisting of a partial skull and a section of trunk. It has a sacrum! It has a pelvic girdle! It has hindlimbs, with femora, fibulae, and tibiae! It's a definitive snake with legs, and it's the oldest snake yet found. [Emphasis added]

The oldest snake fossil still has legs. Later snakes don't. Evolution.

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