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February 13, 2006

Take Cover Politics

Tonight should be fun, as Jon Stewart and the late night comics get to tee off on Cheney for his Elmer Fudd moment. (If you can't wait that long, DallasDem at Kos has the Top Ten Cheney Excuses For Shooting that Guy. My favorite: "Pheasants? I thought we were hunting peasants.")

That aside, the whole episode's pretty fishy, the way they kept a lid on the story for a day. It could be that secrecy's just a reflex with these people. It could be, as John Robb points out, that these kinds of hunting accidents usually involve drinking. Maybe they needed time to sober Cheney up. Or, it could be that they were trying to decide whether to claim somebody else pulled the trigger.

None of which is terribly important on its own, but it is telling that their first instinct, as always, was to cover up, hide, lie.

Update: [7:22 PM] Go watch Scott McClellan's press briefing of today here, starting especially at around the 5:20 mark. No way this passes the smell test. To hear McClellan tell it, the telegraph lines were down. What, Cheney's Secret Service detail doesn't have, you know, cell phones?

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