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February 14, 2006

Our Dick Politics

Dick Cheney's a weird guy. There's no shortage of evidence, but the thing that always stands out for me is this photo of Cheney, Vice President of the United States, officially representing the US last year in Auschwitz at the ceremony commemorating the 60th anniversary of the camp's liberation:

That's the president of Israel to Cheney's right, Lynne Cheney to his left. Everyone else is in somber, dress attire, befitting the occasion. Cheney's in hiking boots, a knit cap that says "Staff 2001" and — well, you see the rest. There are few places on Earth where symbolism matters more than at Auschwitz, and he shows up like this.

He's either sulking because he got sent to an event he didn't want to attend (my first reaction, given his body language), or he's too dysfunctional to be allowed out in public, or he's being deliberately disrespectful. In any case, it's weird.

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