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February 27, 2006

It's Coming... Media

  V for Vendetta — March 17. Go watch the trailers.

I've got to agree with John Robb: "This movie is going to be a social event."


James Wolcott: "[What] gives the movie its rebel power is the moral seriousness that drives the action, emotion, and allegory. That's what I didn't expect from the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix), this angry, summoning Tom Paine moral dispatch that puts our pundits, politicians, and cable news hosts to shame. V for Vendetta instills force into the very essence of four-letter words like hate, love, and (especially) fear, and releases that force like a fist. Off come the masks, and the faces are revealed."

People know something's been going very wrong, but they've needed a shared language and shared symbols to help them articulate their deep unease.

I thought Eminem's "Mosh" video would have a catalyzing effect. That didn't happen, partly because the video couldn't get air time. V for Vendetta, however, is a whole different animal. It will be a much more intense experience, first of all, and it will be seen by hundreds of millions of people over a very short period of time.

This could be it, the much-needed cultural lightning flash.

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