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January 26, 2006

We're Number One 28! Environment


A pilot nation-by-nation study of environmental performance shows that just six nations — led by New Zealand, followed by five from Northern Europe — have achieved 85 percent or better success in meeting a set of critical environmental goals ranging from clean drinking water and low ozone levels to sustainable fisheries and low greenhouse gas emissions.

The study, jointly produced by Yale and Columbia Universities, ranked the United States 28th over all, behind most of Western Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Costa Rica and Chile, but ahead of Russia and South Korea.

The bottom half of the rankings is largely filled with the countries of Africa and Central and South Asia. Pakistan and India both rank among the 20 lowest-scoring countries, with overall success rates of 41.1 percent and 47.7 percent, respectively. [Emphasis added]

3 out of 4 Americans support doing "whatever it takes" to protect the environment, yet this is how we perform. Democracy, American-style.

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