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January 02, 2006

Living In A Pre-War Era Energy  Iran  Iraq  Peak Oil

A chilling note from diarist Stirling Newberry at dKos:

On this, the first working day of the New Year, we are already getting a good stiff taste of the running theme of 2006. If 2004 and 2005 saw resource inflation, 2006 is the year when resource rich countries begin using those resources as weapons, and resource poor countries begin taking aggressive steps to secure resources. The current world market approach to energy is going to break down, as more and more nations are forced to jostle for position.

Somewhere in the next two years it will dawn on the American public that we live in the pre-war, not post-war, era, and that Iraq was a foreshock. [Emphasis added]

With Iran in the crosshairs, Russia withholding natural gas shipments to the Ukraine, and Iraq facing an oil supply crisis, 2006 is off to an ominous start. Horrifying to contemplate: Iraq may be just the beginning.

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Individual planners and responsible legislators and leadership have no earthly reason to delay re-emphasis of the railway mode as an effective energy extender in transport & societal/commercial cohesion. Railway is the Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform, or "Post Roads" component as mandated in the US Congress Act of 1838. Ability to move victuals, with appropriate local warehousing having good rail/truck interface will be a life-or-death consideration, more than just an "amenity"... Planners, get familiar with the old downtown rail footprints & track geometry- see the old Thomas Bros Maps, check the library and museum archives in your respective locale!

Updated with renewables generation where appropriate, vastly expanded in capacity & reach, railways are a crucial component of the oil Interregnum solution set. See ASPO Article 374. See also "GO21" website.

Posted by: Tahoe Valley Lines at January 14, 2006 02:29 PM